Modifying the Geometry for Deep Rolling

Suppose I want to modify the boundary conditions on deep rolling, like including a cylinder on both sides and fixing the block from the sides. I can modify the mesh and imprint it, but the drop down menu in the json I had previously imported is not updated. So I can not pick the new sidesets from the drop down menu. Is the JSON pointing to the correct mesh?

@krford do you mean the model tree is not updated? I’m a little confused what you mean by “drop down menu in the json”. Can you include a screenshot?

I agree with Greg. I’m not exactly sure what you’re describing.

Mike, don’t worry about this right now, I am essentially asking for a more intimate coupling between the solver and the trellis meshing tool than currently exists. I am certain this already on your todo list and this is not worth pursuing right now. We can discuss it after your next major release if it is still a problem.