"Inverse Mapping Failed"

Another error that I am curious about. It seems to be more about the geometry I have chosen rather than my model setup. Does this error indicate my geometry is poor or needs to be repaired?

Thank you!

@clint.r.nicely – this is an issue that currently can come up when using the partially body-fit approach. Our inverse mapping isn’t fully robust yet and what happens is that, sometimes, some points of the physical domain are computed to be “outside” the envelope/computational domain.

One case that this can crop up is when a nonlinear surface is body-fitted, such as a cylindrical surface. As our U-splines currently are only a polynomial approximation of the surfaces (which may be rational, not polynomial) some points of the physical domain actually are located outside the domain of the U-spline. And we’re not robustly catching these kinds of cases yet. Our next release plan is focused on shoring up robustness and performance, so hopefully you’ll see these improvements soon.

For the time being, if you make the envelope domain a bit larger than the physical domain this should ensure that no inverse mappings fail.

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