Imparting Lattice on only one volume

I have gotten Cubit to generate a lattice on an entire volume but now I am exploring how to impart a lattice on only a particular volume within cubit. I have a trial geometry snapped below and I would like to have a lattice on the yellow volume (volume 2) while keeping the other volumes solid. The command window also has my attempt at building a uspline on volume 2 as 2 after building a uspline on volume 1 as 1. Not sure if I approached this correctly so I am seeking some input here on how I can do this better. Thank you!

Hi Clint.

Is it possible that you had already created a U-spline with an id of 2 in that session? I see a couple ‘U-spline 2 fitting cells’ side sets in your model tree which makes me think that you may already have a U-spline 2 in your session.

Try starting with a fresh session and see if that changes anything. If it doesn’t, post a journal file that reproduces the error and we can look at it further.

It is possible I have made an error. Cubit does make a uspline 2 set but the error seems to be thrown after its creation. I have posted a journal file here to recreate the error I have encountered (I am working on Cubit 2021.11.0). This journal file intends to create separate uspline objects on each particular volume then tries to fit them all at the end. Thank you =D

Brick.jou (467 Bytes)

Clint, this is a bug on our end. We will take a look at it; thanks for bringing this to our attention. For now you can get around it by not imprinting the separate volumes. e.g. here is an altered version of the journal file you attached above:


brick x 5 y 5 z 1.5
webcut Volume 1  offset_tool Surface 1  offset -0.25
webcut Volume 3  offset_tool Surface 2  offset -0.25

volume all scheme Sweep sweep transform least squares
volume all autosmooth target on  fixed imprints off  smart smooth off 
mesh volume all

set uspline volume all degree 2 continuity 1

build uspline vol 5 as 1
build uspline vol 1 as 2
build uspline vol 3 as 3

fit uspline all