Geometry change when fitting a uSpline

An interesting variation in the geometry occurred and I was wondering what the explanation is for this circumstance (which I assume there is since there exists a warning in cubit about surface kinks not being creased in the spline). I have my own hypothesis that it has to do with existing geometry cues and how the uSpline fitting is performed in the absence of other geometric requirements (like partitioning). Both these examples below are for a degree 2 continuity 1 uSpline however one is with web cuts through the cusps at the beginning of the taper on the coupon and the other does not have the cuts. The smoothing occurs on the non-partitioned coupon. Thank you!

@clint.r.nicely – Currently Cubit doesn’t crease volumes along their sweep direction. So in the first image, you’ve inserted a crease manually via the webcut. In the second, Cubit is “ignoring” the crease of the curve.